Chemstock is a privately owned and operated international chemical distributor.Since 2001 Chemstock has established itself as a strategic and reliable partner in the plastics and specialty chemical supply chain.At Chemstock, we take an individual approach to chemical sourcing for each of our customers needs.  Whether you require certain specs, a schedule to meet a tight deadline, or an emergency load to stop a plant shutdown we look forward to using our a      vdvanced sourcing strategies and long standing relationships to help you get your job done.We have a proven track record for credibility and reliability for those who trust us astheir preferred chemical supplier.  Our mission is to make chemical sourcing as effortless as your heartbeat.  Something you don’t have to think or worry about.  Wemake it easy for you to see that your order is being handled with full transparency from the production tank to your warehouse floor.Please contact us today. We would love to use our chemical expertise to provide honest and valuable feedback for your individual and unique chemical sourcing needs

Chemstock Specializes in:


Coatings, Adhesives Sealants, Elastomers

Industrial Products, Petrochemical, Oleochemicals

Plastics, Rubber

Nutrition, Botanicals, Certified Organic


Cosmetic, Personal Care, Consumer Products


Catalysts, Metallic Salts, Rare Earths


Flavor, Fragrance

Industrial & Institutional


Textiles, Dyes, Finishes, Pretreatment

Military, Aerospace, Electronic

Food, Beverage, Sweeteners

Oil Gas Drilling

Pharmaceuticals, API's, OTC, Excipients


If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact us at 715-726-1437 evelyn@chemstock.com or complete the online form.