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Specialty Chemicals For Industrial Applications


Specialty Chemicals are deliberately produced for their function or performance. 

When your clothes are dirty and you need to wash them. You need a cup of detergent, not a can of pesticides. When you find out that your home is infested with pests of all sizes, species, and colors, you buy pesticides, not a tube of adhesives. Your kids break their favorite plastic toy. You can fix it, but you need an adhesive to hold the parts of the broken toy together again. 

Detergents, pesticides, and adhesives are all specialty chemicals. And what do they have in common? They all have specific core functions. And out of the scope of those core functions, specialty chemicals have little use. Other names for specialty chemicals are performance chemicals, specialties, and effect chemicals.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – NOVEMBER 14, 2019: Sacks of fertilizers stacked on pallets and on shelves in large garden supplies store

Other common examples of specialty chemicals include surfactants, food additives, food flavors, cosmetic additives, paints, construction chemicals, fragrances, and many more.

Thanks to the narrowed applications of specialty chemicals, they are only produced in batches. Batch production is a way to control the production of these specialty chemicals so that they are just able to meet the demand for the products.

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